Pupils from Abkhazia Public Schools are talking about Guram Odisharia’s Famous Book “Going Back to Sokhumi”
Wednesday, 27 April 2011

On April 27, 2011, on “the Day of Reading,” pupils from Abkhazia Public Schools and members of the Literacy Clubs will meet with a writer Guram Odisharia at literature café “Qaravani” where they will discuss the writer’s famous book “Going back to Sokhumi.”  Pupils from Abkhazia Public Schools located in Tbilisi (# 2, # 3) will participate in the discussion, while other Abkhazia Public Schools from different regions of Georgia will take part in the event through the internet.

The major goal of the event is to popularize reading among youth, develop their discussion skills, bring forward the issue of Abkhazia and foster youth engagement in the development of relationship among Georgians and Abkhazs.

Address: 10, Purtseladze Str., Tbilisi, Georgia.