Giorgi Baramia made a Presentation for Diplomatic Corps
Friday, 15 April 2011

Giorgi Baramia, Chairman of the Government of A/R Abkhazia made a Presentation for the Diplomatic Corps and the International Organizations accredited in Georgia on “Occupied Abkhazia, Georgia: Background and Current Situation”, in the Hotel “Courtyard Marriott”. He stressed on Abkhazia’s historical background, occupation of the region and the current status quo.
“The aim of the Presentation was to give full information for Diplomatic Corps about the current situation in the occupied Abkhazia; show Abkhazia’s integral political and economic role in the development processes of united Georgia in the past. Our main goal is to elaborate effective mechanisms in respect of conflict resolution with peaceful means for Georgia’s final de-occupation and close cooperation with International Organizations”, said G.Baramia.
The Chairman of the legitimate Abkhazian Government talked concerning the grave demographic situation after the ethnic cleansing, militarization of the region, violation of human rights, serious criminal situation, damage of the cultural heritage and difficult social/economic situation in the occupied territory.
“In occupied Abkhazia unlawful restoration of Georgian historical/cultural heritage monuments is ongoing. It aims to erase every Georgian trace there, as being the part of Russification policy”, underlined G.Baramia and as an example of such vandalism named St.George’s church of Ilory.
G.Baramia informed Diplomatic Corps and International Missions about dangerous ecological processes taking place now in Abkhazia caused by unlawful extraction and  removal of the

inert/construction and rare wood materials.
The high priority issues for Abkhazian Government in healthcare, education and peoples’ diplomacy fulfilled projects were underlined.
A photo-exhibition and video-installation reflecting pre and after war situation in Abkhazia was arranged at the hotel lobby.
Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs, First Lady of Georgia, representatives of Legislative and Executive Power of Georgia attended the Presentation.