Georgian-Abkhaz Exhibition in Taksim Republic Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey
Thursday, 28 July 2011

July 16, 2011, this week was marked with two cultural events, presenting artists from Abkhazia in Turkey and USA. On  July 10-16  with the support of the Turkish-Georgian Friendship Association and the Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey, an exhibition of  Georgian-Abkhaz artists  Mr. Mlkhaz Kochalidze and Mr.  David Badzagua opened at the Taksim Republic Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey. Exhibition portrayed 60 paintings.

            “We are pleased to host the exhibition of two artists from ancient neighbor countries “,-commented a representative of Turkish-Georgian Friendship Association.

            Mr. David Badzagua (Artist from Abkhazia) noted:  “I would like to express my appreciation to all who made this exhibition possible. The goal of this project is to support Abkhaz artists and popularize Georgian-Abkhaz culture in foreign countries.

            In addition to the exhibition in Turkey, works of 7 IDP artists from Abkhazia have been presented in   Lincoln, University (Nebraska), USA.  Followed by an exhibition  in New York City Gallery. The organizer of the exhibition was Multinational Georgia for Strengthening Democratic Values.