The first Deputy Minister of Education and Culture of Abkhazia
                                                                                                      Manana  Kvachakhia
                                                                  Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Abkhazia

     She was born on the 1st of January, 1958, Sokhumi
1975-1980-Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology. Qualification-Psychologist, Conflictolog
1990- 1993– Kiev State University of Law. Seeker, Probation in Justice Psychology
2000-2001- World Peace and Conflict Studies .California University, Irvin,UCI
2001-“Training of Trainers, Conflict Analysis and management”-TOT (co-author) The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia
2008- “Active Georgia- Women’s Academy”,DemocraticChanges-Local Prospect for Development. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland/ Bureau of International Initiatives, Krakow, Poland2011- Social Manufacture for Employment and Social Integration of IDPs- Educational Tour in Vishegrad  Countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary) Programme of EPF and Czech Fundraising Center
Work experience
from 2012-Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Culture of Abkhazia
2009-2012–Head of Education, Culture and Sport Department, Ministry of Education and Culture of Abkhazia;
2005-2009–Head of the department. Department of Education of Territorial Representatives and Information Management. Ministry of Education and Culture of Abkhazia
2008-2011- NRC “Youth education Programme”, Project Coordinator
2009– Advocacy and Protection of civil Interests, Partners-Georgia, Tbilisi
2008-2010-NRC/SIDA/DRC, “Youth Education Programme, Project Coordinator
2007-NRC/ED/STATOIL, “The Development of Work Possibilities for IDPs through the Ways of Professional Trainings”, Project Coordinator
2006-2007-  Member of Work Group-StateStrategy  towards IDPs.
1980-2006–Lecturer of General Psychology, Psychology and  Pedagogics, Children Psychology, Social Psychology, Law Psychology, Medical Psychology, Conflictology.  Sokhumi State University
2003-2004-Trainer of Trainers (TOT) for Georgian and Abkhazian Youth leaders, CoE/APD. Trainer and  Programme Manager
2003- Georgian-Abkhazian Summer Peace Camp, Turkey. Trainer in conflict Resolution Classes
1998-2002–“Youth Leaders for Peace and Development in South Caucasus”, AED/USAID training in Conflict management, NGO Structure and Management, etiquette of  business relationship.  Programme Manager and Trainer
Married, one child.
Languages-English and Russian